Tuesday, July 28, 2009


  1. Aren't we all creating mindfiles through the use of social networks?

    I believe I have uploaded enough data about myself to youtube myspace facebook twitter and blogger to create a mindclone of me.

    Now the idea of taking the mindclone and uploading it to a new biological body is very interesting, though I cant help to wonder how close it could come to being a true clone of me.

    great job on the use of video on your blog now great stuff hope to see more.

  2. You are absolutely right that social networks are accelerating our mindfiles. Future mindware will snap much of our mindclone personalities together from our web 2.0 posts. Long before we are downloaded back into new physical bodies, our mindclones will continue our online social network lives -- with or without our original physical bodies being around. All credit for the vlogging goes to Ulrike Reinhard. Her idea too.

  3. Hi Martine

    I got the brief pleasure of meeting you this weekend at the woodstock film festival. I was the guy Interviewing James Hughes in the green room before you arrived. I handed you my card (TransAlchemy) anyways I enjoyed the film 2B it was very compelling and rather scary too, considering I spend a great deal of time studying this stuff. There was a lot of charged symbolism that most may not understand, that made the back of my neck stand up but more on that later ;-)