Thursday, March 29, 2012

Another step from mindfiles to mindware to mindclones


  1. I hope I'm not breaking protocol or being crass in announcing the publication of "Mindclone." (Given the subject, it should be of interest to this group!) "Mindclone" asks the question, "What if you could have your brain scanned and have all your memories and your entire persona uploaded to a digital version of yourself? How would you and your Mindclone get along? How would your Mindclone feel about the fact that it has all your memories and desires--including a desire for your new girlfriend--but no physical body to act on them?" The book is a serio-comic exploration of these and other issues. It can be found as a digital download on Amazon. I would be most interested in getting feedback.

    1. Ah, maybe I'll go ahead and get a copy of your book! I published a similar theme in a free HTML 220-p. s-f romantic comedy novel on my website in 2006, with emphasis on the "mind"-cloning part of a clone story (and included a side-by-side translation into Esperanto for good measure.) It's called "The Me Clone / La Mi-Klono". Here its dust-jacketless summary:
      How would you like a clone of yourself? Mind; memory; ego; everything: a complete spare copy. Sounds like fun; but there might be complications as well.

      You are Donald North, 46; obscure part-time history prof. An old Harvard classmate, now a bio-tech celebrity, makes an offhand offer at a party to clone you double-quick. It’s a put-on, so you agree.

      Two weeks later, he introduces you to yourself.

      What do you say to the guy? How can you believe it? Where did he come from? Which of you is more surprised? Which one is the original?

      How do you cope—both of you? Will you live under the same roof? Share the same job? Are two heads better than one? What if a girlfriend enters the picture?

      Did you really want to see yourself as others see you? Who’s in charge here? And will the real me please sit down?

      We meet quite an odd couple in The Me Clone. Donald North learns more about himself than he wanted to know. But he also relearns some ancient truths about self itself.

      ## Can be downloaded or read online at

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