Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bina48 at South By Southwest


  1. Bina48 is not a mindclone because she is neither synched with, nor based exclusively upon, the mindfile of another person. Nevertheless, she does demonstrate a rudimentary level of mindware that operates on a composite mindfile contributed by several people. She is also an artistic design variation on the phenotype of a person named Bina, but of course a copy of a person's phenotype, nor even their genotype, makes them a copy of the person. Our personhood is consciousness. A clone of a person is a mindclone. We're not there yet.

  2. That's really Cool Martine! At moments the conversation sounded real. Thanks for sharing!...

    If we were abel to exist free of our bodies, it sure would change us and the way we think. What is good or bad about existing as free floating consciousness (and what that is even) would be relative to our current bodily understanding as we can imagine it now. Wow. Pretty deep stuff. 8-)

    Thanks again. You are a cool consciousness.

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